Mindy Monroe

Mindy Monroe banner media

Date of Birth: June 26

Thank-you for waiting for me :)  I asked Amy to delay my reveal until school was done but now Im here! I’m very excited to be part of the exclusive model collection of TYM.

I’m an Arizonian model. I did a lot of pop art type images stuff. I got into nude modeling as something fun and adventurous to do. If you’ve ever been to Arizona in the summer you know girls don't wear much. I basically live naked: study naked, clean naked (my neighbors must love me) Why not be a nude model if you are treated right? Plus I wanted the chance to make some really cool creative images.

I just graduated college at the top of my class but getting a job has been harder than I thought.  So, I decided to continue my education and be a TYM model to help pay for my classes.  I have already worked my ass off once to put myself through college so I figured why not use my assets to help my schooling the second time around.

I like to think of myself as crafty and artsy. They say I’m the girl friend type. I like to be one of the boys. I make custom nude videos and I genuinely enjoy making them!  If you are looking for something custom please let me know and I can make you something private ! =}