Mila Azul

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Back in my globalist model phase when I was looking for models from Europe to add to This Years Model. I found MILA AZUL. We were going to do a projects with her and boyfriend and photographer Chris (those relationships never work out) Then weird stuff happened... problems with my programmer....strange emails….we got some photos …so bad they are almost good (almost but not really)...patience strained... and our projects went off the rails. Its not easy to have a long distance relationship.

In my opinion MILA AZUL never gets her due. Her amazing body has stunned the pages of every nude modeling site on the net…she is the everywhere nude Ukraine model. Personally I think we got some of the best work with her (and some of the worst)….our nature only This Years Model style was perfect for her. Behold our gold of MILA AZUL - Euro No More, Amy💋