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If you don't know WHO JEWEL is... you might not have the internet!  JEWEL started as a nude model when she was 18 years old.  Our famous school girl shows us what you have to do to make it this world. Be a model for the all men's magazines so you can pay your way through University. O What irony....The editors of all of the magazines are out of jobs and Jewel is now Ms.Jewel! 

Let me take this moment to remind you of one of my LESSONS ...the school lesson...about WHY we are here and HOW we got here. We are all about EDUCATION at TYM. Our work and your subscriptions have undressed and schooled many a model. School cost money and modeling can pay those bills.  I mean....Did you want someone as pretty and smart as JEWEL to end up as a waitress? Or someone like me, a wisecracking hobo? So please STAY and SUBSCRIBE so we can support our NEW girls into a sweeter future and enjoy the beauty of their nakedness in the process.

If you were a subscriber of Jewel's web site you know why she is such a big deal. She is like Barbie. You can dress her up in anything. 

TO JEWEL...I wanna say ... you owned it girl! Thank you for sharing your beautiful everything with us. Now...dear minions... I share with you.

All of Jewels photos and videos from PSJ are  now housed in the velvet lined display cases of This Years Model. To hear the stories and see the glories of JEWELS galleries …stay tuned. - Amy, Keeper of the Gems 💋