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Do you have Dolly Sized Fetish? Maybe a Little one?

These are the messages I get...."What's the story with Dolly? I mean real- zies! Give us the dealio! Her web site is gone... poof ...cumshot in a snow storm!"

I sent out an email to all her site subscribers saying that This Years Model will now be home of her content. She held the domain. She let it lapse. Chinese pirates snagged it off Godaddy. (I'm not making that up) Anyway the site is a cumshot in a.. well y' know!

I lost personal contact with Dolly when she and @Max, her auteur photographer, went splits-ville. Its the same ole story played on a broken record about models and photographer in a romantic coupling... she went one way and he went the other...she, off to an an LA agent for few weeks for some porn scenes.... and I got custody of the stuff. In the end she went off the radar completely.... like a cumsh...

So This Years Model is now the home of all things DOLLY…. Her videos…her toys…her girls and her boys. - Playing with My Doll House, Amy💋