Destiny Moody

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A Peach By Any Other Name. (No idea what that means) DESTINY MOODY is our little peach from Arkansas. All her photos and all her videos from are now in the permanent collection of This Years Model. Plus new material YOU have never seen.  There is a story to tell about this modelicious southern baby doll. 5 years as an exclusive model destined her to be a cover model for Hustler, Barely Legal and Penthouse Magazines. 

START with her 'audition' video and her very first appearance in Barely Legal Magazine. Peach Fuzz for sure. (Not to mention her gorgeous mom ...who joined us for a photo session or two...My mom was never that cool.) 

Then SEE that DESTINY and ASPEN were once house mates! Delivery boys still tell the arousing tales of thier pizza tricks. These would only be legend if I did have all the VIDEO.- Keeper of the Vault, Amy 💋