Dawson Miller

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Let There Be Dawson! The Dawson Miller story could be a Netflix thing….@John could be played by Robert Patterson with that Wolverine Hair and me …Kristen Stewart? Im kinda more of a Sandra Bullock Miss Congeniality type….DAWSON would be played by…oh she could only be played by HERSELF! DAWSON cant be swapped (wife swapped maybe) She is an actress…even nowadays I'm told.

The photos and videos say it all about her: sweet, kind, funny, adorable, exactly what you see. You will get story as the galleries come out….how @John met her, why she quit, how I got involved and how nude modeling was forever changed. 

She sets the tone for This Years Model. The reason why This Years Model exist is for girls like DAWSON. Real girls. Naked as nature intended.  Having fun and a laugh.

DAWSON of course has moved on from modeling (as she should) in real life. We wish her the very best and thank her for being herself and sharing what makes her an amazing model. That je ne sa qui!…. Actually, it was that smile and those boobs!

Anyway it all started about the time of George W when little Dawson was only 18 and already married to her high school teacher.... this is how I pitch it to Hollywood. - Producer Amy 💋