Chloe Dee

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All Things Nice & Ginger CHLOE DEE is a pure and simple mid west girl. Miss Illinois. You might not be able to see it in the photos but she is compact. Disney size. With a Disney personality. Full of happy energy. Walks like she runs.

She used to run with this pack of amateur "photographers" and "models" by mutual say so (I'll call you a "photographer" if you call me a "model")  Amateur stripping I call it... "Dogs with Slobs"  I used to call it  ... trading your naked body for creepy stares and crap pay 4 guys who have cameras. If you couldn't tell .... I dont like that seedy scene

Anyway CHLOE was a gem. @John tripped her out to Arizona to shoot with him for a few weekends. She was a model in Barely Legal Magazine 2x and again later in Hustler. She is still in the game. Maybe we will see more of her?? - Protective Amy 💋