Caitlin McSwain

Caitlin McSwain banner media

Caitlin came to us by way of photographer @Joel! Caitlin would often attend these modeling circuits and I had my eye on her! I would have loved to offer her a full time feature model contract with us but while I was busy working on the complex operations of This Years Model and drinking wine.... unfortunately Playboy beat me to her 😭 It was NO FAIR!  I loved her more than them! I loved her look! Her fashion face! Those long legs! That serial killer body!  I broke my own rule and booked Caitlin to shoot with @Joel again and again! She is a sweet girl to chat with...but she sure talks about her dog at lot.... claims her dog (Willa) is her best friend and true love....maybe she was talking about her boyfriend (maybe William?) I dont know....not sure.. I wasn't listening good.. I was looking at her boobs. 

This is what she sent me to post...."Modeling is more than just being pretty. It's about Confidence. Dreams. Ambitions."  True! But lets be honest...."pretty" helps! That .... and having the boobies of comic book character! That might help a girls confidence too!  -No boobs but confident anyway, Amy 💋