Bonnie Apricot

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Meet BONNIE. Chicago model. Calls herself BONNIE APRICOT. I'll have to a taste it to believe it.

The story is this. BONNIE has a doll and on the tag of the doll was the name BONNIE APRICOT. So when she need a modeling name….so the creeps and losers wouldn’t be able to track her down and show up at her house and put her in a suitcase ….she used the doll's name BONNIE APPRICOT. (Doll didnt mind) She still got pursued by creeps and losers ie. photographers but one of those suitors was our own @John …and he didnt put her in a suitcase (that I know of.... he FLEW her to very warm place (Arizona) and got her to undress (that why he picks warm places, trade secret!). Anyway…where was I …say what you want about scouting young girls online to be nude models… WE sure got a lot of sweet photos to SHARE. - Connoisseur of the Nude Arts, Amy 💋