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This was the original message up we got from ASPEN when This Years Model opened in 2016. (I just capitalized)- Amy

Finally its about me! Well I’m ASPEN :) I was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado. Yes, I was named after the city I was conceived in…my parents were ahead of their time. I always wanted to be part of the movie industry, I wanted to be famous and just sing and dance. Living in Colorado there isn’t really any big opportunities to pursue the movie industry but I always made videos on myself singing and dancing - if you haven’t realized yet I can be a bit of a SPAZ. There was a period of time where I was really down on myself.  Everything that could go wrong was.  So I had one of those ‘screw this’ moments and started looking for strip club jobs and posting ads as an amateur stripper. I wanted to dance and sing and if I couldn’t do it in the movies a strip club was as close as I could get to my dream. John found one of my ads and asked if I would be interested in modeling. I was excited and nervous, I didn’t think anyone was going to take me seriously, I hardly took ME seriously! I was really excited about the modeling offer and I even told my parents. My Dad, not the most supportive person in the world…told me ‘oh sweetie, modeling is for pretty girls’ Thanks Dad! :( So like any good girl I got a plane and was on my way to Arkansa to meet @John - I didn’t even bother telling my parents - I told them I was going to my friends house for the weekend. Anyway, I met John and I met DESTINY and wow! We had a BLASTO!  I always felt like a bit of a dork and ugly duckling but the modeling experience opened me up as a person and I just DO IT.

So I use to go by Aspen Parker and now I’m Aspen Martin.  Well the name change is very simple.  My parents split up and my Mom went back to her maiden name of Martin and considering my Dad was never supportive of me I took on my mothers maiden name as well. This is me in a corky dorky nut shell 🤓 Thank-you This Years Model for having me. Especially Thanks you for the fans who came her looking just for ME. TYM is my club. You get to see my tits and AMY has my back. - Aspen

UPDATE..... ASPEN stopped responding to my messages a few years ago.....This are the messages I got when I kept on messaging her trying to get her back to model again.

…..'STOP messaging. Don't message my gf again!! (Must be the ASPEN's boyfriend methinks)

Me: No YOU stop! ...(just kidding) hey! I just want her to meet with our photographer again and do more nudes! We love her. She is amazing!

AspenBF: She doesn’t want to do that anymore. I know what goes on at those shoots!

Me: I wanna hear it from her! I think she should be free to choose!

AspenBF: She has a normal life now. Let us alone!

Me: Aw c’mon she's gorgeous. We just want to see….hmmm… more of her! 

AspenBF: You are all perverts! 

Well...damn! I cant argue with that!!! ASPEN I'll be waiting- Home Wrecker Amy 💋