Ashley Doll

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This Years Model meet… ASHLEY DOLL. Infamous and famous. Shinny dancer. Name changer. Body modifier.  God-zilla messenger AND hardcore scene stealer (Backroom Casting (eww its the same couch everytime!) and Exploited College Girls (College? ya right...those girls might drive by a College)  Anyway.....ASHLEY and her attitude days of modeling for us are bygone. I exchanged some messages with her to model again. We went back and forth. Then I asked her if she had any new tattoos....and she growled back at me!  @John said she was 'very sweet' and 'super funny' in real life. Go figure!?  Speaking of figures.... WOW does she have a rocket smokin BODY! No wonder @John did all the work with her! It a crime against nudity to ink that body with any art beside that art of nature! And I am happy to share the best of her ART NUDE work: EXCLUSIVE to This Years Model! Too bad about those TATTOOS...But I cant stay mad at that ass! - Last Word, Amy 💋