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I am your Web Mistress. Obey

THIS is The NEWS, the way it WORKS, the DEAL, the WHAT and the all about ME.

I have been meaning to send out an email to all those who have joined. But we all get too many emails so Ill say it here instead. Some of you gotten messages from me with sporadic details about new things in the works at This Years Model and now This Years Model 3.0! Things, back and forth, like...‘Thanks for supporting!’ ….’Just wait until This Years Model 3.0’ …’Amy, where my socks?’ ...’Are you bisexual?’ … Lets change the subject! Im here to set the record straight!


This is THIS YEARS MODEL 3.0. It is the third version of this site since it opened on Feb 15, 2016. THIS version is a completely BRAND Spanking NEW program… and you know how I like spankings! Severs are faster… coding is better…. and ME = the same! I started This Years Model 3.0  two years ago! And now it is done I can say….. This Years Model will always and forevermore be in development.  If you want a new feature, have an issue, or know a good joke... message me on the FORUM or SEND me a SUPPORT ticket. I will be constantly working on it.

THE WORKS…Something old …Something NEW

The stage will change but THE SHOW GOES ON. This is the way it WORKS. This Years Model is a working STUDIO of models and photographers….the very best models eyeballs and money can find in USA and Canada …hand picked! ...and pinched! The material on this site is created by This Years Model™️. THE MODELS you SEE here are the actual models shot by our STUDIOS….we work with these MODELS  personally. In other words….This Years Model is NOT run by bots…it is NOT a big porn Russian company with no actual connection to the models it posts… I won’t name names (cus it every other site you know!). In other words....WE MAKE THIS STUFF.  Old school!  OUR Models know and trust US personally….we respect what they do AND YOU should too.  Mess with them, you mess with us.

I don’t like to call the subscribers of This Years Model ‘fans’ cus I consider you all "specialty shoppers".  YOU know the real thing when you see it.  

And we are constantly shooting MODELS….. models that we have never shot before...models never seen before…models never been shot NAKED before....What do you think I do all day? :) Some of these girls will work out and be regulars on This Years Model...other will not. But whatever WE see, YOU will too. This Years Model is about showing you the process. Its a reality show. We promise.....We will keep undressing girls until the world makes sense!

The DEAL …..Whats the DEAL anyway? 

This Years Model is ALSO the home of the “DEAL”. The DEAL is the deal I make with photographers to archive their material on this site. This Years Model is an archive of model websites : catieminx.com, ashleydoll.com, dawsonmiller.com, privateschooljewel.com, dollylittle.net,  littlecookie.com and destinymoody.com are all HERE. (Plus I gots other archived models AND other producers vaults I am negotiating to house). So THE DEAL is this : ALL the photos and ALL the videos of ALL those sites are a part of This Years Model ....PLUS all the unreleased material…Why didn’t they release this stuff? Ill keep you (as they say) POSTED! har!

THE WHAT ….. What’s that?

What’s that? How do I do it? oh…thats easy… money! If you like our models and this site then SUBSCRIBE and STAY a subscriber.

We PAY our girls to work with us. I don’t ask models to work for free. I don’t ask editors and designers and programmers and photographers and clothes stores and locations to work for free. (No one drives a Tesla here…and if we did…one day I plan to …it won’t be free!) If you think $30 is too much/ per month I dare I say “you can’t afford this”.  You need to think about life choices not life mates!

The ME…. Cum for the Girls.....Stay for the Amy!

My name is AMY. I am an ex-model and a web mistress DJ.  I joined this project with photographer impresario @John to create something DIFFERENT. I named it THIS YEARS MODEL because I wanted to get involved in the PROCESS. JOIN ME!  SEE Amazing models! 1000s of  photos and videos (and still clicking) Have a LAUGH! ENJOY the world! For everything bad in this world, this site is about the GOOD things! And what is more LIFE positive than naked women? Don’t answer….cus the answer is NOTHING. 

So about the UPDATES: I run new PHOTO or VIDEO galleries 2-3 x a week…. there will be NEWS about this to follw.  In these GALLERIES….I roll out my STORIES about some of the fun and some of the fucks we have had: hackers, trash models, loser pimp photographers, which girls get me/ and which girls upset me.  If Im not cool about something you will hear about it. Beyond that, Im too funny and too busy to be mad. 

Id rather see This Years Model be a small site with a small subscription of special members than a big trash porn site full of fake ads. Just like you....I wasn’t sure what I signed up for when I started this. But This Years Model will be the site it should be. Im on it!  MY goal is to make this YOUR site. And ME? Im your GIRL!