The Minx Saga - Pt.2

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Featuring Catie Minx


This is the same day. In this house I rented I had a lot of clothes laid out for models in one of the back bedrooms. There was a black top and black nylon shorts lying in the pile of new clothes. I told Catie to pick out anything she wanted to wear. She went right for the black outfit. We started to take pictures again. You can see she was new but more open in this outfit. She undressed very differently this time. Her body was small and tight. It picked up all the right lights and shadows. I loved the arch in her back. I told her to bend and she got on all fours. No I said. I told her to sit and she opened her legs wide. Too soon I thought. I told her to stand. I wanted to get full body nudes of this little minx. Finally I told her she could sit and she opened her legs again and started to touch herself. I wasn't going to stop her. She ended bent over the leather couch. That was day #1. Test day. 2 years later I have print of #22 full size on the wall of my studio.

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