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After the park, the 3 of us went back to my hotel. I had 2 keys and i gave one to Dawson in case they arrived before I did. I saw their car in the lot when I got there. I open my hotel door and there she was was on my bed- naked in a cowboy hat-  her husband leaning against the wall, both of them giggling.
Like a good photographer I grabbed my camera.  Thought about Florida. You know those weird sounds next door you hear when you are in a hotel alone traveling. You wonder what going on in the room next door:  laughing, voices, shushing.... then a clicking sound, squeaking sound, then weird then quite then the shower. Later when she was getting dressed she was standing by the window in her bra and panties. I shot the rest. A natural beauty.”  So that was it! After those pictures in the park…..I was hoping for more details about “swinging”!- Amy 
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