Project Blueberry

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Featuring Ivy Blue


IVY BLUE is my model guinea pig! This little sweet blueberry IVY works with me and @John testing out new photographers. You see, IVY is eager to work as a model (I love that) and she needs money for life, love, and rent (I get that) and we are building a new network of models and photographers (I want that). So this is how it works… It’s called Project Blueberry. We send IVY to meet and shoot with the new photographers. We test out photographers just like we test models. IVY is our litmus test, and not everyone is TYM-worthy. Will they keep their hands off IVY? Will they ask her if she would watch them shower… You know...the usual… Oh, and are they any GOOD at photography! You know the many dicks, so few men…so many masturbators, so few masters…so many cameras, so few artists! (I think this would make a good, creepy reality show. 🤔) - Ideas of Amy

Model Michelle Jean's rear on full display.