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A continuation of @John’s story about meeting DAWSON…."We made a date and I flew to Florida.  The next morning I woke up to the phone ringing in my hotel room. It was her. I arranged to meet her and her husband in small diner close by. We meet. It was bit awkward. He was older but it was difficult to tell. She was a cherry faced 18. This is how they do it in Florida I thought.  I could tell they were both excited to do this. 
I brought my camera and said I wanted to take a few shots. There was a school across the street with a baseball diamond. The sky was almost rain. I took these first shots of her. She brought a bag of the clothes that she wanted to model for me. Her husband was taking picture of me taking pictures of her. I thought that was odd. She changed into the grey top. She was amazing. She was all willing to completely undress there outside in the park but a guy started to cut the the grass for the field. I said lets continue this in my hotel room." - Ill get room service, Amy
Model Michelle Jean's rear on full display.