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I get a lot of requests asking if there is anything NEW of DESTINY. I know a lot of her old subscribers and fans have found us here @ This Years Model and told me so. My record shows that we (the royal ‘we’) had Destiny as a model for 5 years! This is an early early Destiny from the famous sacred archive.   If you like Destiny …and 18 year olds in bikinis... flashing pink in public parks…then it will be your destiny to like this gallery. @john I know a TeenyBikini when I see one…was this a shoot for TeenyB that ending up as flash job?  That would be just your thing. No wonder they fired you.😜

Im doing a fund to bring DESTINY back to modelling at This Years Model…its a 'hat' really. Iv seen her recently cus we be friends on Facebook (Im bragging)… she is still amazing beautiful… like me & Michelle... we defy age. (F you! age!)  I think it would be amazing beautiful to have Destiny in her late twenties…back in the pink @ TYM. I think we are just that kind of site!  
And finally, I can answer all those emails question with puns about it being 'Destiny'!  @John... maybe you could bang her mom again? 🤣🤣- Amy 
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