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Its like those girls you see at the gym...and then try to time your shower so you can see them naked....oh!? I guess thats not a shared experience 4 you guys. (Sometimes being a woman really does have its advantages!) Oh well! Sucks for you...Anyways...
Next best thing....I have DESTINY for you in hot red yoga pants. They just published these photos in Barely Legal Magazine (& she got the cover of course...I posted it on the forum) 
They publish 14 of these...the  full gallery is over 300 pictures by @John (I made it 2 parts so I dont blow the load of our to speak) 

To be fair, there are close-up photo of Destiny that I cant see when I look at girls in the shower...unless I invite them out for coffee ..then to my place for wine. - Going to Workout, Amy
Model Michelle Jean's rear on full display.