American Girl

American Girl banner media

Featuring Lana Lea


@Joel made this gallery of LANA to be our July 4th of update ...her clothes were supposed to be blue, red and a white hoody...but they were out of we got yellow one (lets just say its off-white). But my point is to celebrate the American GIRL...the American girl on the streets of the USA... amazing fun gorgeous girls that we get to work with everyday. This is how they make em in America! 🇺🇸We all joined This Years Model and came together (yeah I used that word on purpose) to see models like @Lana (4 some of was just 4 LANA!)- Go listen to Tom Petty’s American Girl! You will get what I mean. - Amy

Ps. Digital wows to fan @Markx (Marky) for the actual art on this place card. Made for us special...cus we are… and so is he.
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